About Us

We are a small nimble company with a passion for the Victoria Falls region and we believe that through personalized service we can give our clients the no-surprises, amazing African experience that they deserve.

BookVictoriaFalls was designed to be a one stop shop that informs travellers about all the options they have (from accommodation to activities) and allows them to put together a holiday that fits their budget and interests.

How We Started

The owner of the company, Katie Muller, lived in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for a year and recognized the need for a comprehensive website to help people plan their travel to the area. Katie, originally South African, grew up in New York City and has always been a keen traveller with an eye for superior service.

Katie understands the advantage of having all the additional information one might require regarding airport transfers, visas, and other logistics in one place. She has made sure the web site is an up to date information hub that answers all the most frequently asked questions about travel to this part of the world. She and her team are available to discuss your booking options and any other queries.

This is where her first hand knowledge and extensive network in the area adds a lot of value in the planning process. This personal customer service is especially appreciated by overseas guests who want to set their expectations for their first trip to Africa.

BookVictoriaFalls has been getting great reviews since it stated operating in November, 2010 and we look forward to continuing to partner with travellers and ensure great African holidays